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    There are two kinds of winners in life… 

    Scoreboard Winners – Scoreboard winners focus on end result, score the most points, make the most money, win at all costs, the end justifies the means – just win baby win mentality fuels their drive.

    Mastery Winners – Mastery winners give consistent great effort, continually learn, bounce back from mistakes – never lose…. just run out of time.


    The 2017 Super Bowl was a great example for all of us – Atlanta Falcons lose in 4th quarter after leading 27 – 3 in third quarter. You can determine your Winning Profile by examining your reaction/perspective to this historic loss:

    Scoreboard Winners – Those of us who are Falcons fans, how did you react to the loss? Did your reaction result in anger/disappointment, affect your attitude and relationships with others?  Were you so embittered that you have thrown in the towel and given up on the team? The Falcons still continue to receive calls from irate people (fans) who leave messages where they rant on and on, using cursive and abusive language.  There have been reports of Falcons jersey burnings and burials.  The Falcons lose…..and you want someone’s head on a platter.

    Scoreboard winners can quickly become scoreboard losers – only the end result matters


    Mastery Winners – How did you respond to the loss? The Falcons cumulative record over the previous 3 years – (18-30). 2016 was Dan Quin’s second year as head coach (13-6 record) and he clearly has the team improving and winning. The team is young and seems poised to be relevant for a long time and the organization management and field leadership clearly demonstrates they know how to win. To be a consistent winner, one must learn how to lose and must use failure as food to strive for mastery or excellence. Winning is the goal, but there is a more important goalMastery.  Perspective and attitude are everything….. good leaders are resilient and generate more resolve when they receive a setback.

    Mastery winners win and learn; and learn and win.

    Which are YOU?  Where you go from a WIN or a LOSS … your reaction to it… is up to you!  Choose to master your trade and winning will follow!

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