The Working Of A Champion

    Are you committed to work (train) when others are not? Most people want to do something great or be a Champion….very few are willing to put the work in to accomplish “greatness”.

    What are you doing in your downtime? Are you trading your future for playing games and frivolous activities ? Are you willing to work when no one is looking…so you can excel when the world is watching?

    Don’t cheat the process of becoming a Champion. Pick something and learn how to train to be great at it…the discipline will translate to other areas of your life.

    Champions Love Giants – hard things that will make/keep them GREAT!


    Step One: Set a modest goal

    Ask your parents to help you set a goal in key areas – School, Family, Sports

    Make sure the goal is attainable (can achieve in 3-4 weeks) in order to build confidence and progress

    Step Two: Break down goals in action steps

    Establish 2-4 key activities that will help build toward goal success – ex. Make all-A’s

    Meet with teacher(s) – establish feedback (weekly grading) system

    Set aside 1-2 hours when you arrive home to complete all homework

    Have Parent or sibling double check homework for completion, accuracy and excellence

    Step Three: Submit to be accountable

    Ask a Parent or sibling to verify key activities (may want to create a check-off chart to build visual history of success)

    Ask teacher to communicate weekly progress recap

    Step Four: Celebrate success and set a new, more challenging goal

    Champions understand one of the rewards for accomplishing a goal is setting/achieving a higher goal


    The purpose of establishing and achieving progressively goals is three-fold:

    1. Establish great work habits – persistent hard work brings success
    2. Repeated successes builds the confidence and creates Champions
    3. Champions learn to enjoy the process of winning as much as the win or trophy


    Good luck accomplishing your goals! You can do it—there’s a CHAMPION within you!  Unleash the Champion… work hard!

    In Football,

    Buddy Curry

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